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Subject Re: Declaration does not match?
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Author Colin Hunt
Posted 26-Apr-17 16:23:00
  Hi John,

Firstly, thank you for all you do to maintain the BGA Ladder. It provides much enjoyment and interest as I look to see what others have achieved, and how my efforts match up.

However, I'm still puzzled regarding the subject of this thread. I presume the Ladder is referenced to the current (2017) BGA list of waypoints? In this, LAS and 'Lasham Finish North' are one and the same thing, and there is no such thing as 'Lasham Clubhouse'. When examining Lasham pilot traces, is the software still 'seeing' LAS as the clubhouse?

Best wishes,


## On 25-Apr-17 12:31:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi Andy,

The logger upload checks that the Lat/Lon coordinates in the logger match those on the Ladder. The few claims which I have looked at so far all show a finish point as Lasham Clubhouse in the logger declaration and Lasham Finish North in the ladder claim.

It is possible to self-validate such flights (eg: "I declared or used a different local start/finish point"), but not everyone bothers...


## On 23-Apr-17 23:27:00 Andy Smith wrote:

Seem to be a lot of these occurring this season. Points are scored as if the task was pre-declared. Can someone clarify what are the criteria for flights being classified in this way.


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