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Subject Re: Distances reported for tasks
Thread Number 2 of 2 in thread
Author David Masson
Posted 26-Apr-17 17:47:00
  You have set it up as an assigned area task and when SeeYou analyses your track it has given you credit for going distance into the sectors (especially Cocking in this case).


## On 26-Apr-17 16:31:00 Colin Hunt wrote:

From time to time, there is a difference I do not understand between the task length as declared (and as displayed by SeeYou on my PC), and as determined by the Ladder calculator. Often, I think, this is related to the difference between using barrels and using FAI sectors. Sometimes it is not.

Yesterday, for example, I flew a task I believed to be 372.9 km (a polygon with 3 turnpoints). The calculator decided this task length to be only 365.1 km, even though I used and declared FAI sectors so that the actual distance must have been in excess of the larger number.

Why the discrepancy?

Best wishes,



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