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Subject Abandoned followed by landout
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Author Mick Boydon
Posted 04-Jul-17 16:17:00
  Last Sunday I declared HAL-YOR-BC3-LSW-HAL and abandoned the task just south of Scunthorpe due to slow progress and topcover. I then returned south to BC3 but chose to land there. I believe this is either "Landing Out" (BC3) or failing to reach a TP (LSW) having already used a point of abandonment (YOR)

My interpretation of this is that as I abandoned (YOR) and then terminated the flight by landout (BC3) that my scoring should be classed as a declared task abandoned and then terminated by landing out. So scored as DF = 1.00 for declared flights (fixed sectors).

At Halton have established our own club ladder pretty much aligned to your rules but there is currently some disagreement on the interpretation of abandonment, below is the answer from our local administrator.

"You can only abandon a task where you have only missed one TP out of however many were set.

That is why I have scored it as an undeclared o/r on the assumption that you had declared three tp's for a 750k task."


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