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Author Matthew Cook
Posted 14-Jul-17 09:18:00
  As a an observer more than a competitior on the ladder - i have noticed some further inequlities that seem to be helping motorgliders on the ladder.

I n addition to ability to have multiple stabs at a task, another advantage that has been the ability to motor out to a given point to start / finish.

hoowever now i am noticing this is being combined with very high launches, (way above convection - if any..see first point) - which gives an additional benifit of being above the convection for a long period - and having sastained cruise speed for a long while before first thermals.

one example on here would gie a 70 knot cruise from start 40 mins before they need a thermal - thats nearly 130kph straight away..

As a glider pilot - how can this be levelled? what about a max start hight period - like 4k?

Motorgliders should not be scored against real gliders period. its a different sport.



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