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Author John Bridge
Posted 21-Jul-17 09:35:00
  Hi Matt,

From the BGA Laws and Rules, Sporting Badges and Diploma Requirements:

"For distance and goal flights the loss of height between the start point (release height or height of crossing the start line) and the finish point (landing point, height of crossing the finish line or other suitable logged point chosen post flight) must not exceed 1% of the total distance flown with a maximum height loss of 1000m."

There is no mention of a maximum start height agl.

The Ladder currently imposes a handicapped distance penalty for height losses of greater than 1000m (provided, of course. that the pilot concerned doesn't "forget" to post excess height-loss figures). See Ladder Rule 11.2.

A Ladder rule "could" be imposed to restrict the start height to x ft above the ground...but the consequence would be that some badge flights might then be excluded from the ladder. Which makes the Ladder rather less inclusive than it is at present.


## On 14-Jul-17 09:18:00 Matthew Cook wrote:

As a an observer more than a competitior on the ladder - i have noticed some further inequlities that seem to be helping motorgliders on the ladder.

I n addition to ability to have multiple stabs at a task, another advantage that has been the ability to motor out to a given point to start / finish.

hoowever now i am noticing this is being combined with very high launches, (way above convection - if any..see first point) - which gives an additional benifit of being above the convection for a long period - and having sastained cruise speed for a long while before first thermals.

one example on here would gie a 70 knot cruise from start 40 mins before they need a thermal - thats nearly 130kph straight away..

As a glider pilot - how can this be levelled? what about a max start hight period - like 4k?

Motorgliders should not be scored against real gliders period. its a different sport.



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