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Subject Re: Shape factors
Thread Number 3 of 3 in thread
Author John Williams
Posted 11-Aug-17 19:35:00
  Thanks John, that's clear. While digging around in the see you stats I realised that I'd put in the wrong task duration (did total flight time instead) so that was educational too.

## On 11-Aug-17 08:10:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi John,

Your flight may be regarded as an FAI triangle with a dogleg. You may claim up to 5% extra distance over the FAI triangle size with no penalty.

Your FAI triangle DRU-SPE-RHO-DRU has a distance of 330.3km and your declared task has a distance of 348.6km. The difference is 18.3km which represents 5.5% of 330.3km, so the full distance cannot be claimed.

You *could* rescore the task as DRU-SPE-RHO-DRU, but you will get fewer points.

See rule 12.1, and the worked examples at

Hope this clarifies.


## On 10-Aug-17 09:41:00 John Williams wrote:

John, thanks for providing such a great resource for us.
Yesterday I set a task that Seeyou showed as a FAI triangle with start and finish on a leg, but the ladder saw it differently and scored it as a four leg task. I'm curious about the apparent discrepancy.


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