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Subject Re: Total height loss penalty
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Author John Bridge
Posted 26-Aug-17 12:26:00
Hi Paul,

We've been here before...the Ladder rule was adapted directly from the FAI Sporting Code Section 3 - Gliding.

From 2016 edition:

2.4.5 Loss of height limits for badge flights
a. For distances greater than 100 kilometres where the LoH exceeds 1000m using barographic data or 900m using GPS height data, an adjustment of 100 times the excess LoH shall be subtracted from the length of the course.

3.1.5 Distance records A new record claim must exceed the current value by 1 km. If the loss of height (LoH) between the start point and the finish point is greater than 1000 metres, the achieved distance shall be reduced by 100 (LoH - 1000m) metres to give the official distance.

I don't see how it is practical for the Ladder rule to be different to the above.

Best regards

## On 23-Aug-17 20:40:00 Paul Rice wrote:

Hi John,
On Sun I flew a ICL task & thus to compete started @ max height available (1260 mtrs) rather than my normal 1000mtrs.
However for that extra 260 mtrs start height I've been given a distance penalty of over 26 km & a speed penalty of c. 10kph which seem to be extremely harsh penalties. !
I'd appreciate your views.

Thks for all the support



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