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Subject A Competition Enterprise Ladder?
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Author David Masson
Posted 19-Oct-17 20:14:00

I have long had the idea of an enterprising (or adventurous) ladder (as part of the BGA ladder) - something with Competition Enterprise type of rules and scoring.

Something capable of capturing, scoring and presenting the full glory of the amazing flights that are made in gliders (and motorgliders). Flights that the ladder scoring system doesn't really cater for or do justice to. The flights with a WOW! factor.

I wouldn't want add to John Bridge's burden. I have done enough of that already! He has done more than enough running the ladder over the years - he should be knighted!

I have all the ideas, knowledge and technical skills to make it happen on my own - but no time at present. If I ever redo my weather software then a lovely presentation of flights (with weather) could fall out of that. I always intended to find the time to implement something and then contribute it to the ladder, but it is always 2 years away...

For now think about a vision something like this:

A Competition Enterprise Ladder
- in the spirit of Enterprise - fun, not too serious, not too many rules
- with the sky as the limit (Skye is not the limit! :-))

A year long competition
- with, say, your best 6 flights counting

A scoring system similar to Enterprise
- scoring for distance (why score speed when speed x time is distance)
- one-off bonuses for collecting BGA turning points
- one-off bonuses for collecting special turning points (eg: gliding clubs, cathedrals, light houses, ancient monuments, mountain peaks etc). Not necessarily BGA TPs.
- no limits on turning points, but some constraints and more credit given to open shape factors (like the current ladder - shape factors were designed to work well with any number of TPs, the ladder's 4 TPs is only an arbitrary limit)
- bonuses for going out to sea
- etc

An additional scoring system for the whole season (which might include everything done as opposed to just your 6 best flights)
- perhaps with bonuses collected ONCE through the whole season (as opposed to each flight) - to encourage people to something different
- etc

Presented with:
- flight details & stats
- suitable visualisations (maps, barograph, 3D, animations)
- with layers like forecast weather, actual weather, sat pics
- coping with multiple flights (eg: all flights, filtered by season/month/day, person, club, site, area) etc

Maybe we could to do something a bit more modern,
- multimedia - photos, video
- a rating for "wow factor"
- linking with other social media
[Yes - I know some of the above can turn into a can of worms]

Wouldn't it be lovely?



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