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Subject Re: Restarting Tasks: Pure Gliders vs Motors
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Author Neil Goudie
Posted 30-Jul-18 22:16:00

Coincidentally, this same query has come to me as Steward at Cambridge GC and I have taken your position based on one interpretation of the current rules. The joys of a regulatory mind coming to the challenge!

Its a fine balance.

I've politely requested a reposting of the flight as an undeclared flight as I think that provides a level playing field without dismissing the flight. The re-attempt was an admirable one albeit after a termination of the declared flight.

Its good to see that you agree although one of your flights came up in evidence for a different interpretation! but as you say some of this is promoting fun gliding and some of it is about a level playing field at a club level.

The counter argument is that ladder is a mix of badge and competition flights with differing rules for each which contradict each other.

My main problem is, just like common law, the ladder rules have developed as 'cases' come up and then forgotten in the midst of time with only a judge with too much time on his/her hands remembering what the logic was. We are volunteers so there is an element of refereeing here. The referee's decision is final.

I don't expect a Club Steward to troll through the forum for an interpretation nor do I wish for endless rules to interpret as a pilot or Steward.

My decision is based on what is fair and reasonable and what would the 'man on the Clapham Omnibus' say if it was explained to him over a beer a the Club bar - to mix lots of metaphors.

My approach is take all these 'wrinkly' questions to a local club forum in the autumn for discussion and get consensus & clarity locally. I will post some ideas for discussion over the winter.

John Bridge thinks that is a good idea as life is too short to debate in the soaring season.

So if I don't respond until October you'll know I'm still pondering how to square the circle, or gliding.


## On 29-Jul-18 07:12:00 Santiago Cervantes wrote:

As a club ladder steward I've recently had an email conversation that has raised an issue which may merit some discussion.

The question is:

Is it fair that a self sustainer/ self launcher can restart a task having started the engine to save one from a field landing?

A pure glider in a similar situation would inevitably land out and would only be able to reattempt the task by a retrieve to the airfield and relaunching whereas a self sustainer/self launcher is effectively getting a "second bite of the cherry".

To me the BGA Ladder ( and OLC for that matter) are there to promote cross country soaring in friendly competition with the minimum of rules and personally I think its pretty successful. Both are similar with regards to engine start rules.
The fact that both the ladder and OLC are open to all types of gliders and through their designs are able to differentiate between glider categories/types are, I reckon, all in all, pretty equitable.

I do feel however, that this issue is a wrinkle that needs addressing.

As a point of discussion could I propose that in event of an engine restart beyond gliding range or at a defined distance from the start point that if the task is reattempted then it be scored as for an undeclared flight.
The option to relaunch from site is taken as a given.

With regards to club tasks I currently don't have a fixed opinion on that one.

Any opinions or thoughts?

Sant Cervantes


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