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Subject Re: Maximum number of turning points on ladder
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Author John Bridge
Posted 18-Aug-18 17:13:00
  Hi Tom,

No-one else is biting, so I'll have a go...

Short answer is you can't - the Ladder was not designed to cater for more than 4 TPs - more *could* be added but the outcome would be that some pilots would fly a greater number of shorter legs, which runs against the original concept for the Ladder to promote adventurous flights.

What you *are* permitted to do is to drop one or more TPs from your flight to fit in with the rules. The following option may be found in the help popup for Self-Validation:

"I declared more turnpoints than are permitted in the Ladder:
Some competition tasks include more than four turnpoints. Given that the pilot has flown a greater distance than that claimed, this is acceptable."

Or don't use more than 4 TPs.


## On 11-Aug-18 08:54:00 Tom Edwards wrote:

The maximum number of TPs is 4 not including start and finish ,so how do you score for maximum distance if you have more than the permitted number of TPS .


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