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Subject Re: Problems with Lasham waypoint LA6
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Author John Bridge
Posted 02-Sep-18 21:38:00
Thanks for the heads up - the LA6 coordinates have now been adjusted to match the official list.


## On 01-Sep-18 21:08:00 Martin Roberts wrote:

Never been on this forum before - so apologies if what I'm writing is nonsense. I'm a Lasham pilot and most certainly a slow learner...

I keep getting DECLARATION DOES NOT MATCH when I post flights on the ladder with the LA6 start and finish. I know that LA6 is "Lasham Start North". Fine. I look at the co-ordinates in lats and longs and it looks Ok. BUT - then I look harder and its not fine. The Ladder contains the lats and long of LA6 Lasham Start North as 51' 12.551N 1' 03.075W

In the BGA 2018a the file I have in my NANO3 and S100 it shows Lasham Start North LA6 as 51' 12.551N 1' 03.076W ... notice that "6"??? SO, the lats and longs are not the same as the Ladder.

Has anyone else had this trouble? This must be the reason why the Ladder is giving me DECLARATION DOES NOT MATCH.

So, friends - what can I do about this!? HELP!


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