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Subject Re: FES handicap adjustment
Thread Number 7 of 7 in thread
Author Peter Ryland
Posted 17-Sep-18 18:11:00
DG400 has much more drag than the same airframe 202 on which the handicap is based (101). Wing wheels, engine doors and large draggy tailwheel assembly, on top of the weight penalty in weak conditions and inability to carry water all reduce performance. It flies with a glide angle similar to an LS4(96), way below a Duo dry, and no better than a K13 wet. I asked for a reduction, but I was shouted down as "not really a glider" by some on this forum. However, I can go flying on a Monday! Fair doos.

## On 08-May-18 20:31:00 David Masson wrote:

As far as I know the ladder uses the standard BGA competition handicaps. If there are no FES's in there yet I guess you or someone else should ask the comp's committee about it.

(There are usually people with views about putting an additional handicap on a glider with an engine. So I had to ask. This is the first time I have seen someone with an engine asking for a reduction. )

Anyway - it's not my decision.

I have views on some of the other handicaps out there, but that is a different kettle of fish...


## On 04-May-18 21:18:00 Alex Holswilder wrote:

Tiny url links:

Flight Performance Determination of the Lak‐ 17a FES:

Example of a handicap list with corrections for FES equipped gliders:

## On 03-May-18 22:39:00 Alex Holswilder wrote:

Hhmm the url don't work after I posted them in here...
Apparently this forum doesn't accept an underscore symbol.

To make the below url work could you please add an underscore between FES and en in the first url.
Add an underscore symbol between CZIL and 2018, 14 and v, 19 and with, with and water for the second url please.

## On 03-May-18 22:20:00 Alex Holswilder wrote:

I would suggest to adjust the handicap of FES propellers equipped gliders down by one point.
For example: Discus 2c 18m FES from 106.0 to 105.0, HPH 304 eS (Shark 18 m FES) from 110.0 to 109.0 etc.
This reduction of handicap by one would only be applicable if the FES propellers are installed.

Flight Performance Determination of the Lak‐ 17a FES:

Example of a handicap list with corrections for FES equipped gliders:

Flight test

## On 03-May-18 20:07:00 David Masson wrote:

In which direction do you think they should be adjusted?
Please give example and justification...

## On 03-May-18 13:56:00 Alex Holswilder wrote:


It is a fact that the propellers of the FES don't help the performance of a glider.
Some other handicap lists already have made adjustments to handicap of FES equipped gliders vs their pure glider/Jet version.
I would like to request to adjust the BGA handicap/ Glider Speed Indices of the gliders that have the FES propellers installed?


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