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Subject Re: Allow pilot to change declared task in the ai
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Author George Knight
Posted 15-Sep-16 14:08:00
  In principle there seems to be little difference between doing the
declaration on the ground or in the air, however, the ladder does give a
big bonus of 33% more points for declared flights as against undeclared so
it gives a significant points advantage to a pilot who re-declares in the
air, after having perhaps already started his original task and then come
back to try something else wihout landing.

Why do I care?

My flight computer was designed for the existing rules and will not allow
me to re-declare whilst in the air so I would be at a disadvantage if
others can re-declare in the air. (Not that it makes much difference since
I'm never placed very high on the ladder - but that's another story!)

Presumably the 33% extra points for declaring before launching is to reward
pilots who are able to forecast better the conditions they will encounter
during their flight. If one can make multiple declarations whilst in the
air the real issue seems to be that the bonus for a pre-declared task
should be reduced to perhaps 10% or less once it is no longer pre-declared
but during-declared.

Why is a pre-flight declaration historically given this very large bonus on
the ladder? Not everybody is, or wants to be, a met. expert.

George Knight


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