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Subject Re: Height ladder rules
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Author Nick Norman
Posted 20-Sep-16 22:30:00
  Hi John

Ok, thanks for that.



## On 20-Sep-16 15:18:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi Nick,

I can't see anything wrong with your submission.

The scoring formula is as shown in the Rules 12.2.
Logger files must be posted for all height gains (Rule 5.4)

From the information icon on the ladder display page:
Scores coloured red are from flights that were made within the last seven days.
Flights with logger files are in BOLD.


## On 20-Sep-16 12:47:00 Nick Norman wrote:

Are there any rules published for gain of height for the height ladder? Lots of rules for XC but nothing for height that I can find.

I put a flight on on Sunday and now notice that the points are in red, whatever that means. I took a 2000' tow straight into very strong lift so there was no low point on the logger file. Is this a problem or does the tug release height count?

I wouldn't normally care but I'm currently running 4th in the open ladder, with only 4 flights out of 6, so if I put my mind to it...


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