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Subject Re: Leader Board - Monthly Club Height gains
Thread Number 3 of 3 in thread
Author Andy Bardgett
Posted 07-Oct-16 17:31:00
  Sorry I can't delete the previous posts but the count is now 46 height gains.

## On 06-Oct-16 22:22:00 Andy Bardgett wrote:

We have just had a phenomenal few days of wave at Milfield (Borders) but the Leader Board shows Yorkshire GC as being the Monthly Club despite the fact there have been no height gains from Sutton Bank this month. This is misleading. Presumably Sutton Bank is credited because they have 3 members flying here. There are 20 height gains from Milfield but with pilots from several clubs and, in this category, it seems to me, the launch site Club should appear as the leader. Discuss


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