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Subject Re: Own Waypoints
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Author David Masson
Posted 13-Dec-16 17:36:00
  You can have your own waypoints. If you look around at people's flights, the waypoints with an asterisk are their own. eg: my "*HOG" which is on the Hogs Back.

If you go to your "My Flights" page and scroll down you will find your "My Waypoints" section. Click "Add Waypoint" and you will be able to add one. To use it in a task simply put in the asterisk and code.


## On 07-Dec-16 17:01:00 Robert E.D. Bailey wrote:

Allow Pilots to have up to 20 own waypoints ,renewable on a yearly basis .ie to scrape ineffective or unused waypoints & have a clean start at beginning of the new competition year.


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