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Subject Re: Club Tasks
Thread Number 2 of 2 in thread
Author Trevor Stuart
Posted 12-Mar-17 14:26:00

## On 07-Jan-17 08:21:00 Santiago Cervantes wrote:

With regards to the following rule regarding Club Tasks:

Note 2: A Club Task is one that has been set up by the Club Ladder Steward, on the ladder web site, in advance of the date of the flight. Such tasks may be flown in either direction and will always be scored as if predeclared.
They may be flown in addition to or instead of a pilot s main task.

Is it fair that a pilot plans and declares a club task and is then beaten by a pilot who, taking into the prevailing conditions, completes the same task having not predeclared

To give an example a 300k Triangle Club Trophy Two pilots fly the same task on different days, one declared, one not. The non declaring achieves higher points

The dilemma is who should get the trophy?


I think the person who scores the most points should get the trophy!

The rule is clear. Club tasks are scored as predeclared. There is nothing to be gained by declaring a club task. Club tasks make good fallback tasks, e.g. Declare, say . . . 400 with similar geometry to a club 300, you have the option to abandon your declared task and revert to the club 300 and still get scored as declared. Or . . . declare 301 and beat the pilot who flew the club 300!

There are many virtues of having club tasks - can t see how they can be improved.


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