Rule Changes for 2003/2004?

Task Shape Factors

The task shape factors that apply from October 1st 2003 are as follows:

28% Triangles*? 1.10
25/45 Triangles (500km and over)** 1.10
Out-and-returns 1.05
Quadrilaterals and other 4-leg tasks 0.80
All Other Task Shapes 1.00

* A 28% triangle is one in which the shortest leg is no less than 28% of the total distance.

** A 25/45 triangle is one in which the shortest leg is no less than 25% of the total distance and the longest leg is no greater than 45% of the total distance.

Height Gains

Height Gains will no longer be permitted in the Open, Weekend and Junior Ladders, which have now become cross-country only ladders. Instead, a new Height Gain ladder has been implemented, allowing up to four height gains to be scored per pilot.


An extra turnpoint has been permitted from the start of this season to cater specifically for the following type of flight:


In this diagram, the red dot represents the start/finish point and the green dots turnpoints 1 to 4. This type of task is permitted in the cross country ladders only under the following conditions:

  • The task is closed-circuit.

  • The task shape and distance will be scored as a quadrilateral defined only by the four, specified turnpoints, in the correct order.

Important Note: Pilots should be aware that the type of task shown here may not qualify for FAI badges or Diplomas.

GPS Landouts

The previously rather vague definition of a landout has now been formalised to permit what are commonly known as 'GPS Landouts'. If a declared flight is abandoned for any reason, there is no longer a requirement to actually land out in order to claim the distance flown. The furthest logged GPS position on track may now be used to determine the distance achieved.

Motor- and turbo-gliders have enjoyed this option for a number of years. In order to regularise their status with that of pure gliders, the termination point of their flights will now be the furthest logged GPS position on track prior to engine start, rather than the point at which the engine was actually used.?

Note that GPS Landout claims?must be accompanied by a related logger file upload.

Photographic Evidence

The rule permitting photographic evidence as a basis for claiming BGA Ladder Trophies has been withdrawn. In future, trophy claims must be substantiated using GPS logger evidence alone.

Airspace Infringements

Please note that by uploading logger files onto this website, pilots are rendering them publicly accessible and open to examination by any site visitor. Pilots will be personally and solely accountable for any logger files that indicate possible unapproved airspace penetration.?

Flights that penetrate airspace will be accepted if the pilot attests that such penetration had been requested from and approved by the relevant ATC unit. In these circumstances it would be in the pilot's best interests to note down and store the relevant date, time and ATC details.

For the 2003/4 season onwards, BGA Ladder Trophies will only be awarded if supporting logger files are posted on this website. Note that BGA Trophies (including any? Ladder Trophy) will not be awarded if supported by a logger file that includes evidence of unapproved airspace penetration.

Other Website Changes


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page has been moved to the Links page.

Uploading Logger Files

The field holding the logger file name has now been extended to a total of 50 characters - this should avoid? reported problems when uploading long file names.

Local Ladders

The number of local ladders per club has been extended to five.

Site Navigation

The default home page has changed from default.htm to index.asp and an automatic redirection has been enabled from default.htm. If you have specified default.htm as the home page for the BGA Ladder site, you should change it to Index.asp.

Problem Reporting

Whilst best efforts have been made to provide a correctly functioning site, bugs may still have crept in. If you spot any errors please report them as soon as you can to the .