Abandoned/Terminated Tasks

Abandoned Leg
Definition:  The pilot did not reach a turnpoint (or even the start) on a declared task, but continued with the remainder of the task (ie: towards the next turnpoint) while remaining in soaring flight throughout.
  • Enter the position at which the leg was abandoned - NOT the position of the missed turnpoint. 
  • The scoring distance for the leg into and out from the abandoned turnpoint is modified by the distance from the point of abandonment to the missed turnpoint.
  • Abandoned task scoring applies only to declared tasks where the glider remains in soaring flight throughout.
  • No more than one point of abandonment may be used in a single task. Any subsequent failure to reach a declared turnpoint will count as a task termination.
  • The 10% task completion bonus does not apply to abandoned tasks, even if the finish point is reached.
Terminated Task (aka Landout)
Definition: A terminated task is one in which the pilot is unable to, or chooses not to, continue with soaring flight.
  • A task may be terminated by any of the following events:

a) Landing out.
b) Engine start.
c) Failure to reach a turnpoint having already used an earlier point of abandonment.
d) Pilot selected flight termination at any point on the GPS track.