Club Tasks

The Club Tasks listed on the My Flights page may be flown in either direction and will always be scored as if they had been pre-declared. They may therefore be used in any of the following ways:
  • To act as a fall-back task in the event that the pilot's primary declared task needs to be abandoned (eg in the case of poorer than expected soaring conditions on the primary task).
  • To act as an additional task if the pilot's primary declared task has been achieved more quickly than expected.
  • To act as a main task if the pilot has not made a declaration but finds after launching that the soaring conditions are much better than expected.   

Club Tasks are set up by the Club Ladder Steward at the beginning of the season, and may correspond to club trophy tasks. 

It is not expected that Club Tasks will change much, if at all, during the season: in other words, they are to be used only as fallback tasks.  

Important Note: Notwithstanding their 'declared' status on the National Ladder, remember that any badge or FAI record claim will still need a separate pre-launch declaration.