Setting Club Tasks

Each Club Task created here may be flown in either direction without a pre-launch declaration and will always count as declared. Pilots may typically use Club Tasks as follows:
  • Following early abandonment of another declared task.
  • Following early completion of another declared task. 
  • As primary tasks if airborne without a pre-launch declaration.

Please consider the following when setting up a Club Task:

  • These tasks are intended for use as fallback tasks only, and are not to be used for daily task setting. They should be set up at the start of the season and should not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances for doing so. 
  • Please set one FAI triangle and one open task in each distance category (if possible). 
  • Remember that you can use remote starts and finishes and doglegs to help fit triangles in. 
  • Please set tasks in a variety of directions (if possible). 
  • Please align tasks with well known or historic club tasks and with club trophies. 
  • If a tasks has a well known name or trophy associated with it, then use that name.