Local Ladders

You may create up to five local ladders specific to your club. It is possible to specify for each local ladder whether its scoring rules are linked to National Ladder cross-country or height gain rules, or whether its scoring rules fall outside National Ladder rules. 

When a local ladder is linked to National Ladder rules, there is no need for the club Ladder steward to maintain pilots' scores separately: local ladder scores will appear automatically in the same way as the National Ladder scores. All that is required is for the pilot to check the appropriate local ladder tick-box when submitting a flight claim.

If a local ladder is not linked to National Ladder scoring rules (eg, more than 6 flights may be permitted, or the scoring formula may be different, etc), then the club Ladder Steward is required to update manually the pilot's total local ladder points and number of flights using the Stewards' administration pages.

Once  created, these local ladders become available in the Update Scores and the Display Ladder Positions pages.