User Waypoints

User Waypoint pages may be used to create and maintain your own personal library of waypoints that do not appear in the official BGA list. The following notes apply:

  • User waypoints are for your personal use only; no other pilot will have access to them.

  • Enter personal waypoint trigraphs using 1-3 alphabetic/numeric characters. The program will prefix your waypoint with an asterisk(*), so there is no need to type in the '*' yourself.

  • When selecting user waypoints in the Calculator, you must specify the full trigraph, including the asterisk (eg '*ABC').

  • At the moment, you are limited to a maximum of 20 personal waypoints.

  • Try to select trigraphs that are not similar to BGA Trigraphs in order to avoid confusion when claiming flights.

  • Enter Lat/Lon minutes as mm.mmm (ie decimal minutes).

  • You will need to be logged on before they become available for use in the Calculator page.

  • You may edit or delete any user waypoint as long as you have not already used it in a flight claim.

  • As soon as a user waypoint has been used in a flight claim, it may no longer be deleted and only limited details may be changed.

  • You may not change the trigraph once it has been created.