Forum Rules


The Forum has been introduced in order to gain constructive feedback on the way the BGA Ladder operates.  


Anyone may read the contributions made in this forum, but it will be necessary to log on first before posting a new message or a reply. 

Please feel free to make any contribution you wish, but please keep them ladder-related. Topics may extend from the nuts and bolts of handicapping and scoring formulae, all the way to a complete revision of the underlying philosophy of the ladder. 

For non-ladder related discussions, please visit


I will try to respond to any major issues that arise, but I regret that I do not have enough time at the moment to reply to every single point that might be made. I will monitor the Forum at regular intervals and if I see a consensus appearing I will make a ruling.


Constructive criticism is welcomed but personal abuse is not. This site operates a zero-tolerance approach and anyone deemed guilty of posting offensive messages will be barred immediately from making any future contribution. No exceptions.


Many thanks to Andy Kirkland from whose site I stole much of the format and site navigation concepts - I have little defence for this apart from recognising that a good site is worth copying.

John Bridge
National Ladder Steward