Update Pilot Scores

Current Ladder Scores

The table at the top of the page shows the current scores in each National Ladder. The details of any pilot-submitted flights may be examined by clicking the score.

Entering New National Ladder Flights 

From 2008 it will no longer be possible to enter National Ladder scores using this page. Stewards should try to encourage pilots to enter scores themselves using the Calculator page. The reason is to provide a more complete picture of the flight claimed than is otherwise possible. 

If this is not possible, the Steward should log in as the claimant using the email and password details available on this page, and then visit the Calculator page to follow the standard process for submitting flights.

Existing National Ladder Flights 

All scores accumulated during the season are listed in this section. Click the task to see flight details.

If the submitted flight was subject to a penalty, you may override the penalty by ticking the checkbox in the column headed 'Penalty'. 

Click the Edit icon to change other flight attributes.

The only reason you may want to delete a score is if it has been entered in error.

Local Ladder Scores

This page is also used for entering Local Ladder scores which cannot be entered by any other means. Enter the number of points and flights against the appropriate Local Ladder and click the Apply button.

Changing Pilot Details

Click the Edit Pilot button to change the name and/or activity status of the selected pilot.

Flight Validation

From 2007 onwards it is now possible for stewards to mark individual cross-country flights as having been validated in respect of meeting current ladder and airspace rules. Validation may be done at any time during the active season.

In order validate a flight, the steward must examine all available evidence (usually the posted logger file) to ensure that all claimed details are correct (eg declaration, turnpoints claimed, height loss, timings, etc). Additionally, the steward must ensure that no unapproved airspace penetration took place.

If all is ok, tick the checkbox alongside the relevant flight and it will immediately be updated.

Note that it is not necessary to validate every (or any!) flight on the site. However, any flights that form part of a BGA Trophy claim MUST be validated in this way, or the pilot will miss out on a trophy at the end of the season.