Technical Information

This site was created using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 with ASP 3.0 and JavaScript 1.2 technologies, supported by a SQL Server database. The site has been optimised for Internet Explorer V5.0. Some additional testing was also carried out using Netscape V6.0. 

In order to achieve full functionality visitors should set their browsers to allow stored and per-session cookies, with scripting enabled. Please consult your own browser's help system for further advice on how to do this. 

Registration/Logging On

Only pilots who wish to submit their own scores or maintain their own flight details are required to register and log on to this site. All other visitors to this site may continue to calculate their own scores, view the latest ladder tables and examine flight details without logging on. 

July 2014: Following a DoS attack, all visitors are now required to log on to the site to view all pages. It is hoped that this will be a temporary measure. 

Pilot-Submitted Claims

Pilots may enter their own scores without reference to their Club Ladder Steward.

Pilots must first register with the BGA Ladder Web Site in order to access this facility. Registration is a two-part process - the pilot must first select his/her club from the list, and then select or enter his/her name, email address and a password. The pilot will then have full access to each of his/her own flights.

Subsequent logons will require the email address and a correct password.

Submitting a Claim

A pilot intending to make a claim should first log on to the system and go to the Calculator page. After calculating either a cross-country or a height score, the pilot should click the Submit button which displays a further screen that solicits further information about the flight, such as launch site, date of flight, etc.

Once submitted, the pilot's total scores are recalculated and made available immediately to all visitors.

Logger File Uploads

Pilots may upload or delete logger files that relate to their flights. This may be done from the My Flights page which is displayed after logging on. 

Site visitors may read or download Logger files by going to the Current Ladder pages, clicking the appropriate flight score and then the logger link on the flight details pop-up.    

Preventing Abuse

The main ladder tables now include the six individual scores that make up a pilot's total score. All details of pilot-submitted flights will be available for scrutiny by any visitor to the main ladder tables. Peer-level monitoring will therefore provide the basis for preventing abuse of the claim process.

Any dispute concerning any pilot claim should be referred to the pilot concerned in the first instance, and then to the club ladder steward.

Club Ladder Stewards

The role of the club ladder steward should be eased by the processes introduced above. If any pilot is unable to enter their own scores onto the system, the Club Ladder Steward should access the Steward Logon page and enter scores by logging on as the pilot concerned.    

Late Entries

Any claim that is submitted by a pilot more than 14 days after the flight took place will be subject to a 10% penalty. If there are any extenuating circumstances the claimant may appeal to the Club Ladder Steward for assistance.

Statistics Pages

Use the Flight Details page to analyze the flights database for individual flights. You may restrict and sort the results by a number of criteria, and examine the flights in detail by clicking on the task.

Use the Flight Summaries page to aggregate the distances, height gains and points for collections of flights, selected and grouped as required. How well is your club doing...?

Cross Country Task Brief Sheets

Ever sat at the launch point and wondered what task to do? You may now print Task Briefing Sheets containing all the waypoint, distance, track and turnpoint bisector information you need to fly your task.

Build your own library of tasks in advance. See the link on the Calculator page.