Season 2008
Pilot Mike Armstrong
Club Derby & Lancs GC
Launch Point Derby & Lancs (Camphill)
Date of Flight 10 October 2008
Glider VENTUS 2C (18.0)?Reg: JVA?(Handicap 110)
Logger File [081010cJVA(1).igc]
Google Earth [081010cJVA(1).kml]
Competition Flight No
No Score No

Height Gain 17,179 ft
Maximum Height 18,650 ft
Points 1218 ?
Submitted: 00:06 11 October 2008

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
One of the best wave days I have flown in for years. Manchester control were very helpful considering how busy they were. Still climbing at 4 kts with a few thousand feet of lenticular well above me when I had to break off at FL195 (B****y airspace)

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