Season 2009
Pilot Tim Davies
Club Norfolk GC
Launch Point Norfolk (Tibenham)
Date of Flight 03 May 2009
Glider ASW 27A?Reg: AV8?(Handicap 104)?
Logger File [TJD_953A2YH1.igc]
Google Earth [TJD_953A2YH1.kml]
Competition Flight No
No Score No

Task Distance 189.0 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type Out and Return???Declared/Completed
Shape Factor 1.000
Task Time 2h 7m 36s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 189.0 km
Scoring Speed 88.9 kph
Handicapped Distance 181.7 km
Handicapped Speed 85.5 kph
Distance Points 909
Speed Points 322
Bonus Points 123
Total Points 1354
Times viewed: 145 Submitted: 15:51 03 May 2009

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Old Buckenham let me through - but the slog into wind needed water. Should have declared more and remembered pee bags!

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