Season 2009
Pilot Ian Atherton
Club Norfolk GC
Launch Point Norfolk (Tibenham)
Date of Flight 29 June 2009
Glider ASW 20F W?Reg: G-EFLY?(Handicap 99)?
Logger File [Ian 29 06 09.igc]
Google Earth [Ian 29 06 09.kml]
Competition Flight No
No Score No

Task Distance 133.4 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type 27.0%/43.9% Triangle???Undeclared/Completed
Shape Factor 1.050
Task Time 1h 36m 53s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 133.4 km
Scoring Speed 82.6 kph
Handicapped Distance 134.7 km
Handicapped Speed 83.4 kph
Distance Points 424
Speed Points 142
Bonus Points 57
Total Points 623
Times viewed: 136 Submitted: 19:49 29 June 2009

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Took off late after some unplanned fettling. The sea air had pushed in almost to TIB and the cloudbase was down to below 3000ft. Pushing out to Diss I got a climb to 4500ft, then ran the edge of the sea breeze to RAT. Best climb was over 6kts on the averager to over 5000ft in which I was joined by a buzzard! From Rattlesden it was pretty straight forward round Newmarket and back to Rougham where I got a good climb that put me on glide for TIB and I set off home. I hit the sea air and a slight headwind almost straight away. Didn't need to climb but couldn't resist a turn with some gulls. Picked up lots of bugs today which didn't help!

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