Season 2010
Pilot Edward Downham
Club London GC
Launch Point London (Dunstable)
Date of Flight 18 May 2010
Glider ASH 25 EB28?Reg: 13?(Handicap 116.0)?Turbo/Motor
Logger File [05ILJF81.igc] (Archived)
Google Earth ?
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

[L] [GPS LANDOUT] Lat: 51 58.200 N Lon: 0 38.382 W
Declared Yes
Task Distance 841.5 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type Out and Return???Declared/99.1% Completed
Shape Factor 1.000
Task Time 9h 30m 39s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 833.9 km
Scoring Speed 87.7 kph
Handicapped Distance 718.8 km
Handicapped Speed 75.6 kph
Distance Points 3594
Speed Points 911
Bonus Points 0
Total Points 4505
Times viewed: 1329 Submitted: 20:51 18 May 2010

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Where to begin...?

Started at 0945, first climb 5kts to 4,700' shortly after then some long glides into weaker and lower conditions under altostratus. Eventually into the blue north of Newark - ran in low to Cottam power station which was producing a pillar of cloud that went up to 8,000'+. IMC climb which got us into a weak convergence after the Humber.

Tricky until reached the N York Moors, then followed sea breeze up the coast until past Newcastle, then an amazing run in and out of the turn over the Borders. Came back down the Pennines then transferred back to the east. Cloudbase over the Moors was now nearly 8K, good run as far as Grantham, then into spreadout and poor vis. Followed what lift there was left in the sky and was on glide but lost out due to bugs/bad air/bad piloting. Tiny trickles over Milton Keynes at 1930 but not enough. 400' short of a sensible finish height... Oh well, was a fantastic flight, thanks Rob & all the ATC guys who helped out today.
John Williams 18-May-10 21:46:39 Delete this comment
Welcome to Scotland, however brief the visit. You only know what's not possible when you try something others think outrageous and then almost pull it off. Its a dividing line that needs regular calibration. Congrats on (another) superb flight.
Steve Lynn 18-May-10 21:49:51 Delete this comment
I think this is just awesome, well done guys
Stuart Black 18-May-10 22:24:36 Delete this comment
What a fantastic flight - well done guys! I was in the DG-300 (19X) that you joined in one of the few remaining thermals between Grantham and Colsterworth (approx 1715 hrs). When I saw you disappear into the gloom to the east of Cottesmore, I figured you still had a long way to go ... and I only had to get back to Saltby! By the way, your ASH-25 looked awesome when I saw you approaching head on!!!!
Edward Downham 18-May-10 23:07:20 Delete this comment
Thanks. Robin & I will probably declare a rest day tomorrow. :) It was a real "highs and lows" epic. I think we'll have some great pictures of sea breezes, power stations and wild moorlands... It was tempting to just carry on north and see what happened! (Did call up Z7 on 130.1 but maybe out of range.)
Edward Downham 20-May-10 22:13:54 Delete this comment
After a bit of lateral thinking, it seems likely that we can claim a new free o/r record from this flight of c. 823Km. We'll have to see what Basil says...

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