Season 2018
Pilot Chris Short
Club Black Mountains GC
Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
Date of Flight 10 May 2018
Glider DISCUS W?Reg: G-CFNR?(Handicap 98.5)?
Logger File [2018-05-10-XCM-58S-01(1).igc]
Google Earth [2018-05-10-XCM-58S-01(1).kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

[L] [LANDOUT] Lat: 52 4.500 N Lon: 3 9.800 W
Declared Yes
Logger Declaration DECLARATION VALID
Task Distance 259.7 km
Sector Type 0.5km Barrel
Task Type Non-convex Polygon???Declared/64.7% Completed
Shape Factor 0.936
Task Time 3h 35m 0s
Height Loss 1030 m
Height Loss Penalty -3.0 km
Scoring Distance 168.1 km
Scoring Speed 46.9 kph
Handicapped Distance 170.6 km
Handicapped Speed 47.6 kph
Distance Points 798
Speed Points 0
Bonus Points 0
Total Points 798???
Times viewed: 53 Submitted: 14:13 11 May 2018

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Set off for what would have been by far my longest XC. Sky looked odd. Got into some weak wave early on which didn't bode well for task. Very difficult till halfway to ROD (probably due to wave effects). ROD to LEO very good and much easier. Abandoned leg to Bridgenorth at LEO as past my time cutoff. Climbed to 5500ft at LEO and thought it would be an easy run home but thwarted by the oddest looking sky over the home area. Very little lift on the way and a good headwind. Decided to fly into the murk and over the into wind rising ground but nothing. Got rained on and decided to opt for the safe field landing at Clyro. Good ploughed/tilled field but rougher than it looked - few scratches on the belly forward of the wheel. Lesson 1: looking into the murk and going for it!! - I had plenty of height to make Shobdon to land and get an AT retrieve. Apart from the landout - what an exciting days flying. Still longest flight to date - getting more confident :)

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