Season 2018
Pilot Chris Short
Club Black Mountains GC
Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
Date of Flight 13 May 2018
Glider DISCUS?Reg: G-CFNR?(Handicap 98.0)?
Logger File [2018-05-13-XCM-58S-01.igc]
Google Earth [2018-05-13-XCM-58S-01.kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

Declared No
Logger Declaration UNDECLARED TASK
Task Distance 223.9 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type 21.5%/39.6% Triangle???Undeclared/Completed
Shape Factor 1.000
Task Time 3h 57m 0s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 223.9 km
Scoring Speed 56.7 kph
Handicapped Distance 228.5 km
Handicapped Speed 57.9 kph
Distance Points 857
Speed Points 67
Bonus Points 92
Total Points 1017???
Times viewed: 79 Submitted: 21:14 13 May 2018

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Set off on declared 300km (for Gold) with a few club pundits. Task was Tal-Vrynwy- Brecon-Newtown-Tal - Slow getting going, low at Llandrindod and again at Newtown. Sky was odd and a lot of blue on track to first TP at VRY. Got there but was a bit done in and had been V slow due to two low spots. Turned VRY and looked back towards the south and decided to abandon task and head to the better looking area to the east. So flew off and turned Shrewsbury and then home via Mynd. Another flight of two halfs! Very pleased to get home and great final leg from Shrewsbury. Another personal best at 223Km.

? Satellite Terrain Hybrid Roadmap ?

Logger image for this flight is not available.

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