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   Cross Country Claim (Please Read: Waypoint Selection) Declarations Help
Classic Format Variable Sector Format
  Reached TP? Task Distance km Scoring Distance km
Start Point    
Turnpoint 1    
Turnpoint 2    
Turnpoint 3    
Turnpoint 4    
Finish Point    
Abandoned Leg  
Unable to reach a declared turnpoint but able to continue with remaining task
Trigraph Clear all Abandoned Task details    Total km
Latitude Deg Min  Height Loss Penalty
Longitude Deg Min  Achieved Speed kph
Terminated Task
Task terminated due to landout or engine start.  
Trigraph  Clear all Terminated Task details    Handicap Speed kph
Latitude Deg Min
Cross Country Points
Longitude Deg Min
Time Taken  hh    mm    ss Declared?
FAI Sector 0.5km Barrel Print Task Briefing     Printer-friendly version      
Height Loss
(Start-Finish Height)
1000m or less
Over 1000m: If so, enter full height loss: m
   Height Claim
Low Point   feet metres Height Gain Height Points
High Point   feet metres