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Miscellaneous Ladder Tools

Turnpoints Current Ladder Turnpoints with descriptions and maps
Handicaps Latest Glider Handicaps and download
Club Tasks Show all Club Tasks
FAQs National Ladder Frequently Asked Questions
Logger File Upload Upload non-Ladder logger files (for glider airspace usage)

External Links
BGA The British Gliding Association
BGA Turnpoints Official BGA Turnpoint List
UK Notam application
VGC Visit the Vintage Glider Club's website.
HOUSING DISREPAIR Housing disrepair lawyer
Glider Pilot Network Chat, advertise and shop on the glider pilot's favourite site.
Cambridge GC Your National Ladder Steward's home club
Aeroclub Sisteron Gliding in the French Alps
Sisteron Diaries Daily accounts of our expeditions to Sisteron 
Flying in France Assistance with the bureaucracy
SeeYou Post-flight logger analysis with 3D topographical backgrounds  
Alistair Green's brilliant IGC logger file viewer

For more information regarding the BGA National Ladder please contact the