Season 2007
Pilot Alan Johnstone
Club Booker GC
Launch Point Booker (Wycombe Air Park)
Date of Flight 06 November 2007
Glider ASH 26?Reg: G-ZZAJ?(Handicap 110)
Logger File [Nov 6 2007.IGC]
Google Earth [Nov 6 2007.kml]
Competition Flight No

Sector Type 0.5km Barrel
Task Type Out and Return???Undeclared/Completed
Shape Factor 1.000
Task Time 1h 48m 0s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 18.7 km
Scoring Speed 10.4 kph
Handicapped Distance 17.0 km
Handicapped Speed 9.5 kph
Distance Points 51
Speed Points 0
Bonus Points 5
Total Points 56

Comments Well, every little helps!
2000ft got me to Chinnor ridge - just.
The ridge was working weakly with my computer saying 318 degrees at 17Kts. That seems a little too strong to me but the direction is correct. ie too much north.
Took a thermal back home so soared in November!
Very pleasent and I am homeful for the end of the week.?

Submitted: 16:16 06 November 2007 ?

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