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Message From The Development Team

14 May 2008 08:10

Fingers Crossed Everybody!

The ladder site has been partially recovered, and is now available for use. Initially, only the most important programs have been made available, leaving  remaining programs to be brought on-line as the opportunity arises. 

You should be able to see the ladders and daily scores pages, and be able to calculate and submit claims.

Data has been restored as it stood on May 3rd 2008. Pilots may now resubmit missing claims and submit new claims - the  14-day grace period for submitting claims has been extended temporarily to 30 days for the immediate future.

Special thanks to Richard Baker of Front-To-Back for invaluable support in restoring the site.

Finally, and most importantly - thank you for your patience and your messages of support over the past few days. They are all greatly appreciated.  





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