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Subject Re: Declarations
Thread Number 2 of 10 in thread
Author David Prosolek
Posted 21-May-07 16:19:42
  Hoo-bloody-ray - I was begining to think i was on my own on this one.

Futhermore - Is it really safe to unplug the logger so you can then spend time programing when pehaps you should be looking out.

How long before some one gets swiped out of the sky.


I am dead against declaring in the air. I suppose it is what you have got used to, but for my money the whole skill of the exercise is to look at the weather set your own task and then see how well you can do. Decalring in the air is, for me, dumbing things down. What is next? Do we allow changing your mind at a turning point and going elsewhere.?
Dave Watt>>


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