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Subject Re: Declarations
Thread Number 5 of 10 in thread
Author Matthew Cook
Posted 23-May-07 10:24:45
  Well - i got to say i dont agree.

I thought the ladder was about getting the most out of the day with a declared task. As previously mentioned, i dont think setting on the ground is in the best way to achieve this. Dave knows better than most ( as we have tended to do in the past) we go far further and faster when we can sample the air before hand. As long as a declaration is made prior to the start...

What really does get my gripe however the the compleate balls about this being a safty issue. I am afaid thats rubbish. In a comp 50 % of tasks now are AAT,s and in internationals some still fly post tasks. Replanning is all part of it . I can do more than 1 thing at once thanks! When everybody was flying on a map and compass, did we have more mid airs? Airmanship is the key with all these matters, not keep setting rules to cover for idiots who dont look out.

I'm not incredibly fussed either way. What I'm trying to point out is that the difference between an airborne dec. and one on the ground is more technical than actual. If you are *really* keen, you can launch, fly around a bit, check out the weather, then land for an instant declaration plus relight to exactly the starting position you want. Maybe you save 5 minutes by doing it in the air but that's about the only advantage...

You can change your mind on task now - if you don't like the first TP to start with you can go to one of the others then go back to the first one later... This is my interpretation of the FAI rules.

1.44 b) A declared flight from a START POINT via up to three TURN POINTS to a FINISH POINT. If the FINISH POINT is the landing place it need not be declared. The TURN POINTS must be at least 10 kilometres apart and may be claimed once, >>>in any sequence<<<, or not at all.

I have to say I'm not sure how that got in there but there it is...

Hoo-bloody-ray - I was begining to think i was on my own on this one.

Futhermore - Is it really safe to unplug the logger so you can then spend time programing when pehaps you should be looking out.

How long before some one gets swiped out of the sky.


I am dead against declaring in the air. I suppose it is what you have got used to, but for my money the whole skill of the exercise is to look at the weather set your own task and then see how well you can do. Decalring in the air is, for me, dumbing things down. What is next? Do we allow changing your mind at a turning point and going elsewhere.?
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