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Subject Re: rule 5.3
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Author John Bridge
Posted 25-Sep-07 12:54:29
The ladder specifically avoids any reference to IGC approved recorders in order to allow as many logger files to be posted as possible, in the spirit of inclusivity (so files derived from Ipaqs, EWs, Flarm, etc. are accepted). It is up to individual club ladder stewards to enforce the rule to whatever level they feel is required - and I am aware that this is not an easy task and could lead to inconsistencies between clubs. My immediate solution would be to revise Rule 5.3!

It does highlight the very sticky area of how logger files are used for declarations. By allowing some flexibility in logger file security, the door is opened for a desperate pilot to carry, say, three loggers, make different declarations on each and only submit the one that most closely matches the task flown (and no, I am NOT implying that this happens currently!!). It may sound unlikely given that most who participate only do so for fun, but in recent years the top ends of the ladders
have become very competitive and there is now an expectation from pilots who fly formal competitions to see the same, higher levels of control applied to the ladder.

If we adopt the secure IGC logger approach, then, in my opinion, fewer flights will be posted onto the ladder and the 'fun' element will be correspondingly reduced. If we follow the OLC route of secure logger file-led claims (ie, a flight cannot be claimed without first uploading a logger file) then the same concerns apply.

So, in summary, I see a definite conflict between security and flexibility in respect of logger usage which needs to be addressed - any guidance would be gratefully appreciated!


Do we need IGC approved recorders or can we use "win pilot" files. If the latter how would a ladder steward know where or when the file was down loaded? As the OLC now work on "win pilot" files could I suggest we go the same way?>>


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