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Subject Re: Pre-populate flight claim data fields?
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Author John Bridge
Posted 11-Mar-16 10:06:00
Hi Damian,

It depends on which fields you want to see prepopulated. To prevent logger file uploads crashing the (shared) ladder server, only 10% to 20% of logger records are actually processed. So extracting any more than basic details is out of the question using the current hardware/software setup.

If it is only the declaration that needs to be extracted...then maybe even then, some restructuring would be required. and I am yet to be convinced that it would be worth the effort.

On the other hand, if someone else would kindly volunteer to re-program that element of the ladder (normal BGA pay-scales apply) then we might have a solution! It could be part of their induction to long-term National Ladder Stewardship :-).

For your second point, at the bottom of your My Flights page you will see a section labelled My Adhoc Logger Files which was built in 2014 for this very purpose.


## On 09-Mar-16 15:25:00 Damian Le Roux wrote:

Hi John
The ladder web site works very well and is understandably a great and popular resource. However one area I feel it falls down is that it is a labour intensive pain to enter flights. I know I sometimes don t enter flights because of that, and I m sure others are the same.
Please would it be possible to pre-populate many of the National Ladder Calculator fields with data already in the trace?
Additionally, with the traces from the site being increasingly used to fight growing controlled airspace, surely the more traces uploaded the better, something like an Upload only, no score one click option would really help in that respect.
Cheers, Damian


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