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Subject Re: Allow pilot to change declared task in the ai
Thread Number 3 of 6 in thread
Author Guy Corbett
Posted 15-Sep-16 09:43:00
? There would be no evidence that you made the declaration before starting and did not just follow the weather. Logger declarations only work before takeoff. The rules need to be enforceable so that people know that a good performance was genuine. You currently have the option to switch to a club task, if that isn't suitable then do it as undeclared and dont worry about the points.

## On 13-Sep-16 09:14:00 Mike Smith wrote:

On Sunday I declared GRL-BSE-HUS-BIC-GRL.

As usual I launched early when there were weak climbs to less than 2000 feet. After almost one hour, it was clear that conditions were poor to the east and much better to the west and north. Had I been permitted to change the task in the air, before setting off, I would have reversed that task, or declared something like DID-LEI.

For pilots like me, who like to scrape locally early on, only to find that conditions have changed, or are not as forecast, and we are currently stuck with our declaration.

Having to land back to re-declare seems a bit daft.

We used to be able to re-declare in the air prior to starting and I wonder why this sensible system was changed.

Mike Smith


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