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Subject Re: declaration
Thread Number 15 of 18 in thread
Author Owain Walters
Posted 03-May-07 13:47:24
So hang on, are you really saying that the efforts of a pre-start declared task are 20-25% lower than a pre-flight declaration?


Lets just be clear, we are not talking about changing your mind half way through a task. This is setting a task whilst airbourne but before you have gone through a start line. To me it seems sensible to allow this level of flexibility when considering our conditions.

If the answer is because you had to research the weather and task more thoroughly then I think we should be subjected to similar penalties if the pilot didnt set the task himself.


I was going to suggest 100%, 80%,60% but either would be good. If I set off on my declared task and the weather does not work out I just go for a wander, I would rather have a middle road where I can get 80%. A call on the radio should be enough, after all we are gentlemen !


Declared on ground 100%
Declared pre start 75%
Undeclared 50%

? :-)>>>>


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