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Subject Re: declaration
Thread Number 16 of 18 in thread
Author Edward Downham
Posted 07-May-07 15:35:05
  I have to say I don't see that there is much, if any, difference between an pre-launch declaration an a pre-start declaration either. It's a hangover from the days of OO's, smoky barographs and scribbled pieces of paper. Welcome to the 21st century!

Most loggers that I know *will* accept an in-flight declaration; the Cambridges do, if using a NAV display, plus those and anything else that is connected to WinPilot/SeeYou Mobile etc. That must cover a large proportion of loggers used: I'm guessing this but you could tally the different types from submitted ladder claims.

The only reason we don't normally do airborne declarations is that it would invalidate some record or badge claims, as things stand at the moment. If that is understood, I don't see the problem. I don't buy the 'unfair' argument as the National Ladder is 'unfair' to people without loggers to start with.

You could even send an email to the ladder server from a 'phone with your declaration on it and that could be compared, time wise, to the later claimed flight... ;)


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