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Subject Re: scoring system
Thread Number 2 of 2 in thread
Author John Bridge
Posted 25-May-07 09:51:41
Hi Mike,

I couldn't get your first score ... would you email me a screenshot of how you calculated it, please. Email address on page footer...


Am I getting something wrong here? According to me if I declare a flight say, AST, HUS, CHV,WAT, AST, abandon the flight at CHV and return to AST for a flight time of 4hrs 30, enter the declared flight in the calculator and score as flown I get 966 points. If I enter the flight as flown as an undeclared flight I get 1036 points. Why should the same flight score less for having been part of a longer but uncompleted declaration?

On the subject of declarations I am quite happy with any pre start declaration but there again I am not likely to be in a position of challenging for top spots anyway>>


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