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Subject Re: No competition
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Author Daren Kershaw
Posted 30-Sep-07 16:55:23

I agree that if I found myself in the running I would definetly withdraw flights, but there is no real chance of me getting near it. What I am afraid of is that someone might take umbrance to the fact I was above them in the ladder, when by the rules of the ladder I think I wasn't actually P1.
But I think there is a slightly vauge area. I wasn't the highest ranked out of the two of us, but it wasn't a competition flight, well not in my eyes anyway. I had hired the glider myself and asked two good pilots to accompany me and flew the majority (over 95% of most and 100% of some) of all the flights, but by the rules of the ladder I don't think I should get the points. We didn't agree on much before the flight as they were pleasure flights, although we flew the open class nationals tasks (what a week!)


Rule 2 is fine and understood, but I didn't want to put noses out of joint. If you could add a tickbox to not include as a scoring flight and state that it will not count towards statistics then I guess that would cover both bases.
As I said, I would really like to be able to use the ladder as a store for recording my flights, the format it uses to display them and ease of useability is great.
Maybe what I am asking is too much, if it is purely for me then maybe it isn't worth going through the hassle over.

Thanks for the feedback,



Hi Everyone,

Slightly confused here...

Rule 2 states that P1 gets the points - as I understand BGA recommendations, the decision as to who is P1 should be made before the flight. I have no problem with adding a checkbox to say 'don't include this as a scoring flight', but what I do want to avoid is double-counting distances and flights in the statistics.

If more people have an opinion on this, I would be happy to change the system accordingly.

Hope this helps


My opinion for what it is worth is that these flights should be entered on the ladder by one of the two pilots. You should decide between yourselves who will make the submission. If you suddenly find yourself in the running for a trophy that you don't feel entitled to, then is the time to withdraw the flight.

The ladder shows what is being achieved in British gliding and I don't think you should be reticent about posting such flights. If others disagree strongly, then I am sure John Bridge would be happy to add an extra tick box as you suggest. My suspicion is that the lack of responses to your question means that John will be spared that effort.


Anybody? Even a simple 'no' would be nice.

As in, 'I don't want to be in the competition, but I want to put my flights up'.
If I fly the whole of a task (and I mean the whole of it) but have a higher ranked person in the back then they get the points for the ladder competition. I've no problem with that as I don't care about winning the ladder, but I want to put my flight up as it is a great way of displaying what has been achieved on the day. I'm reticent to put up a 500 I flew (well 95% flew) as it would make my points be skewed and un-realistic. It may even upset some more 'serious' pilots, who even though they wouldn't win the table put some kudos by their finishing position on the ladder.

So in the interests of keeping the peace, can we put flights in and not have the points count towards our position in the ladder? Say have a checkbox to not have the points count in our total?

I really like the format and ease of finding and comparing flights, the information it automatically gives you as in the handicapped points etc. and love it as a way of keeping a record of my flights for the year.>>>>>>>>


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