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Subject Re: ls4w handicap changed from 97 to 96.5
Thread Number 4 of 4 in thread
Author Stuart Law
Posted 24-Jul-15 09:41:00
  I just noticed... Thanks

## On 20-Jul-15 08:17:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi Stuart,

Handicap changes occasionally "appear" during the season. The only way to correct affected scores is to delete the flight, re-enter it and then get your friendly club ladder steward to override the late-posting penalty.

This could be done either by you or by me. Guess my preference...


## On 17-Jul-15 08:55:00 Stuart Law wrote:

slight correction ...

...all my scores BEFORE 1 JULY, are still at 97 handicap. ...

perhaps there was a rule change I wasnt aware of ?

## On 17-Jul-15 08:26:00 Stuart Law wrote:

Which is good as all my flights are in ls4 w-"mode", but all my sores are still at 97 handicap. So can thes be re-calculated ?
or should I stop being so competitive :)


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