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Subject Re: Flarm range
Thread Number 2 of 2 in thread
Author Roger Barber
Posted 25-Apr-16 19:53:00
  Hi Steve.
I have an LX9000 with the standard dipole aerial which was rubbish under the front pane (in a Nimbus 4)l.
I have mounted it on the canopy using the front DV panel slide screws.
Much better. (but still far from perfect)
As was suggested to me, you don't even notice it in flight.
Apparently it shouldn't fry my brain. (it's no worse than in many 2 seaters)
Obviously you need to consider getting out in emergency.

## On 29-Apr-15 12:23:00 Steve Thompson wrote:

While trying to improve my own glider Flarm performance I have checked a few files from Ladder flights for comparison. Typically I have found that gliders with carbon layups in the antenna area have poor performance and I wonder if the pilots are aware. This would be ASG29, JS1 etc. LX8000/9000 + standard dipole below instrument cover is likely to be quite poor looking ahead, and may well be just looking to one side.

Maybe worth a check at https://flarm.com/support/tools-software/flarm-range-analyzer/

I have fitted a top mounted 1/4 wave. This is somewhat better.


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