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Subject Re: first ever task
Thread Number 3 of 3 in thread
Author Neil Croxford
Posted 04-Aug-16 12:21:00
? Many thanks John
That's great it might be a shall achievement to most I see , but it is my first and I will feel good to get my name into my club ladder
Safe flying

## On 04-Aug-16 07:43:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi Neil,

Congratulations on your first cross-country.

You may enter your flight on the ladder at any time - though if more than 14 days after the flight a small penalty is applied.

Posting a flight on the ladder is done in two steps: clicking the calculate button checks that you have provided enough information to create a valid score the submit button displays the next page where you can enter the date of the flight, some comments and other information. Clicking Confirm on the second page posts the flight to the ladder.

Hope this helps.


## On 03-Aug-16 18:01:00 Neil Croxford wrote:

in July I plotted a task on XC soar
After various attempts i actually completed it ( first attempt at a cross country )
I know it is nothing special but it is my first

now i have worked out the ladder system am i allowed to submit it even though its over a month old ?
when i use the calculator it dosn't allow me to put a date in ?


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