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Subject Re: Inter club league scoring
Thread Number 3 of 3 in thread
Author Peter Ryland
Posted 10-Oct-16 11:35:00
Obviously an unfounded rumour! That is a pity .
The great thing about using the ladder is that it can be accessed easily by any Internet connected device and all can scrutinise those results . This season I have had almost no info on how the eastern scores were done and twice we had no scores for a week. When I used the ladder, scores were out within half an hour of finish.
What I had hoped was that there was an adaptation possible to make a subset of the ladder available with BGA scoring rules applied. This would satisfy higher handicap pilots.
## On 06-Oct-16 10:08:00 John Bridge wrote:

Hi Peter,

This is news to me! I have no problem if the ICL want to use ladder scoring rules...but I don't see what changes would be required on the ladder site to make it work.

You are correct in your comments about low handicapped gliders scoring well. The way the high-handicapped gliders win is to fly further...which doesn't apply to ICL comps...unless handicapped distance tasks are used (for which the ladder does cater).


## On 03-Oct-16 17:44:00 Peter Ryland wrote:

He? lo John.
I heard rumours that you would try to make this work on the ladder next year. I have used it a few times happily but had complaints that it gave advantage to low performance gliders and allowed them to beat ahot ship from a land out close to the finish. I do not think this at all a bad thing but was overruled by a majority of one. This year they used Seeyou, but to me this is a joke for a comp of 3 gliders!
So is it a real plan?
Many thanks,



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