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Subject Re: Level playing grounds!
Thread Number 4 of 4 in thread
Author bruce cooper
Posted 11-Sep-07 08:28:36
Well I dont know about the ground being level but you dont get much more level than the sea...Johns latest 1,000km task had 120 km over the North sea.


I dont think it is the wave that has made the difference,it is one particulat pilot leading the way in exploring the potential. After all the wave was there when I was a kid growing up at Aboyne and the local pundits felt they could not compete on the ladder because of the difficulty in going cross country at all !
It is the same as a flat land club in that there is normally a pundit who goes 50% further than the majority of other club members. There were a lot of pilots in Scotland who did very little yesterday.

The wave is here to stay so best we all learn how to use it. Season rail ticket to Edinburgh any one?

It's pretty obvious that Scotland isn't level.

Two 750+ 's in one day, that is really going some.

We don't need a competition ladder anymore just the ability to look at what it is that can be achieved using the different methods of flying cross country.

At the moment wave wins hands down (or should I say up)

Well done John.>>>>


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